What To Carry

Here is some of the things to carry in your backpack just in case you get lost, this is also a “Memory Jogger” to what else you can bring, from medications to cold weather gear.  Remember, two is one, one is none…  Especially for water.  What if your water bladder breaks? At least carry a bottle of water.   And, I always say, “What If” this happens… I remember one of the rescues I did. The person said, that they was only going for a day hike… We all heard that one before.  Especially in Hawaii when wether turns bad and you are being told by HFD to stay overnight. And this is just a guide, and you should carry the minimum. And print out a map of the area… These are just some of the stuff I carry.

Basic Gear For Hiking Pack:
Cell phone: To look up Lost Hikers Guide: Hawaii if there is signal
Good Hiking Pack
Water at least a liter: Water Bladder / Water Bottle
First Aid Kit
Good Pair Of Hiking Shoes
Hiking Clothes
Signal Mirror
Emergency Blanket Emergency Bivvy
Protein/Nutrition Bars                                                                                                              Headlamp and an additional light source.
External Battery Charger
Hiking Water Filter                                                                        Compass
Lightweight Hiking Jacket
Lighter/Fire starter / Flint
Multi tool/Knife
Climbing Webbing especially if doing ridges
Extra dry clothes(If you have to stay the night, if rescuers can’t make it  due to hazardous weather)

Here is what I carry Video!